Businesses are placing an increasing emphasis on communications, and one of the most significant technologies in this area is customer service chat. It’s a simple addition to nearly any commercial site and makes sense in a variety of industries. Even legal and medical professionals are adapting it to great effect, and improving their operations as a result. Allowing potential clients to instantly communicate with a representative can offer a variety of benefits, including bringing in additional clientele and improving conversion rates online.

How can customer service chat help a business or professional?

By the time a potential client makes a phone call to a business, they have likely been sold already. But quick online communication allows a business to talk to someone before they have been converted into a client. The technology usually prompts a visitor after a short period of time on the site, so it allows the business to attempt communication, rather than waiting passively for the client to do so. It is a known fact that people prefer businesses and professionals who take the initiative in addressing their concerns, and customer service chat is a friendly way of doing that.

This technology also allows visitors to ask questions at their leisure and not feel pressured by sales personnel or have their thoughts put together before picking up the phone. Instead, as questions present themselves while searching through products or services, the visitor can ask a question in a matter of seconds and get an immediate response. And some people just don’t like talking over the phone, and this technology gives them a comfortable alternative.

The results are impossible to argue with. An ATG Global Consumer Trend survey found that more than 90 percent of the respondents considered the feature a worthy addition to a site, and that about 2/3 would return to a site that offered the feature when needed. Those are impressive numbers for a feature that is simple to integrate into a site, and are indicative of how effective the site turns visitors into loyal clients.

Customer service chat can also cut down on a company’s operating expenses, as it is the rare feature that is highly effective and easy to maintain. A single representative can interact with multiple visitors at once, and do so without sacrificing their ability to offer responsive communications. And instead of putting a client on hold and making them wait, a representative can focus on researching an answer to a question when needed. Companies can even set up custom scripts that greet the visitor or offer useful information up front.

The technology is, in short, versatile and efficient. And a communications partner can help a business or professional set it up in a way that meets their needs perfectly.