Customer Service Call Center In Houston, TX since 1968

With almost 50 years in the customer service call center industry, Westpark Communications understands how to handle your company’s clientele with professionalism and courtesy. When people think of call centers, they think overseas, but this is a myth. Locally owned and operated, Westpark Communications has supported Houston and its surrounding area businesses with all their client communication needs since 1968.

What are the advantages of outsourcing client communication needs?

Retain Your Clients

The frustration of automated answering systems is well known. Even though we are an increasingly technological society, we still like talking to another human when we have issues. When a client reaches a live representative, they feel valued and appreciated. They tend to also explain what the problems are. If a client reaches the automated answering system or a voicemail, they are more likely to hang up and contact the competition. The importance of live interaction cannot be stressed enough.

Extend Your Reach

A customer service call center is an extension of your business. Whether it is needed after hours, during business hours, during peak times, or nights and weekends, there is always a representative available to handle all your client needs. For global businesses, time zones are a factor and can inhibit industry. Outsourcing client communication services means your business is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, no matter what time or from which country your clients are calling.

Multilingual Support

It is not just time zones, but languages that can stall growth. Multilingual language support is an essential requirement for any business wishing to increase their global presence. Not all clients are native English speakers. For multinational clients, bilingual representatives unblock communication barriers by addressing clients in their native languages and helping set them at ease.

Tailored to Your Industry

Outsourced client communication service providers are trained specifically for your industry. With customized instructions provided by you, customer service call center representatives become experts in your business. Representatives are provided a script that cuts down on client frustration. This also allows them to handle client issues with ease, while freeing your business up to run smoothly.

Flexibility and Efficiency

Communication volume increases and decreases daily, Westpark Communications customer service call center can help take overflow clients. Letting a client leave a message may mean a missed opportunity. A live representative can talk with a client and find out what their needs are and relay those to your business. Westpark Communications also offers 24/7 live phone answering assistance. This means all communications can be routed through them, leaving your employees to be less distracted by answering phones, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

Westpark Communications customer service call center is the answer to all your client communication needs. They handle many different industries with specialties such as, operations, technical support, sales, quality assurance, and more. They are dedicated to the highest levels of client satisfaction for both you and your clients. Their mission of outstanding personal service and the building of long-term client relationships ensures that no matter what your industry is, your communication needs will always be met.