Why is it called “Voicemail-Jail”? Don’t trust your incoming sales calls to “press 1”. People buy from people. When voicemail is used improperly in the sales environment it can cost you business. You can never recreate a first impression. When a potential customer calls and gets a voicemail:

  • One out of three callers hang up with voice mail
  • Small businesses lose an average of 14 calls a week
  • Lost calls equal lost business
  • Callers are 8 times more likely to leave call back information with a live person

The solution is definitely live-answer for sales.

What about customer service? Interacting with an IVR that does not understand when you press “0”; “I’m sorry I do not understand that command; please say or press 1”

Give your customers the pleasant, memorable experience of a live consultant who can listen, interpret and direct the call as the caller wishes. Make your company attractive to buyers with a sales process that kicks down obstacles. You can make your company the hero!

So, what can Westpark Communications do for YOU:

  • Provide the live, pleasant person your customers want and keep track of sales calls so you don’t miss a one
  • Answer whatever FAQ you want your clients to know
  • Provide ROI cost of less than 90% of a full time employee while providing 24x7x365
  • Open and track trouble tickets for customer service
  • Dispatch your personnel
  • Interface with your web or proprietary tracking system

Contact us now. We want to help you improve your sales process.