Efficiently Track Employee Time and Activities

Employee Check-In Services

  • Accurately track employee time and activities
  • Gain better insight into critical employee data
  • Save time and money by eliminating manual processes like timecards

Advanced Automated Services

  • Employee’s simply check-in, Westpark does the rest
  • Location and schedule management
  • Automatic date/time stamps plus detailed activity logs and reports

Employee Tracking & More

  • Flexible options and no long-term contracts
  • 24/7 live answering and call center services
  • US based call and data centers

Easily Access the Management Information You Need


Our suite of manual and automated employee tracking systems will provide your business with a more accurate and efficient way to track your employee’s time, activities and location.


Our employee time and attendance tracker is simple and easy to use. Your employees simply check-in and check-out with their unique personal identification numbers (ID’s), or they can contact Westpark directly. Once logged in, our advanced automated system will track their time, activities and location.


Companies needing to schedule multiple personnel to various locations at differing times can now use our Automated Employee Scheduling service. Send us a daily e-mail with employee ID’s, location and time to report, and our system does the rest. When your employees check-in with Westpark, they will be automatically assigned and instructed to report at the appropriate time and location.


We automatically assign date / time stamps to all log-in and log-out events, and if you choose, management will be provided with a daily log of employee activity, attendance and location by e-mail. Our system can even be customized to notify supervisors when specific action or event occurs.