Whether you are providing a product or a service, excellent service is what your clients expect. Anything less will send the potential client down the road to your competition.

Where does the missed call go? Your competition
Where does a bad experience take your client? Your competition

By outsourcing your client calls for service or products, to Westpark Communications, you increase your probability of retaining the business of your caller. You are taking better care of your customer and promoting a more professional image to the caller, while at the same time, keeping your costs lower than you would by hiring your own staff.

If results like these are more than you’d expect from an answering service, it’s time to consider a company that truly is much more than an answering service – Westpark Communications.

Westpark is your communications partner – whether you’re a Fortune 100 corporation or a solo Web entrepreneur. We’re the link that keeps your office accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We’re the dispatcher who relays urgent messages or expedites service calls. We’re the extra staff that makes sure you never miss a contact during peak workloads. We’re the call center that takes orders, accepts reservations or refers callers to your branch locations. And we do so much more.

Your calls are answered by a helpful, experienced Westpark telephone service representative instead of an auto-attendant system. Average response time? Less than two rings. The tone? Prompt, courteous, responsive. The greeting given and information collected? All according to your predetermined instructions. For callers, it’s the same professional treatment they’d experience with your own employees.


From the CEO…

Our agents are skilled customer service representatives who deliver “Best in Class” customer service for our clients and our clients’ callers. We provide all types of call handling: phone, web, email and text.