Your Community Advertisement – Radio, TV or Direct Mail will need calls answered to provide

  • Sales Team Info
  • Directions
  • Hours
  • Amenities
  • Pricing
  • Open Date of new communities

For community home shoppers, we collect information from potential clients to create a home shoppers database and forward the database directly to you the home builder. We also extend the performance of the sales staff (calls answered for sales office while they are out showing property) and expand sales opportunities. National home shoppers have a direct access line where the home shoppers may select their state and daytime calls are routed to the sales team. After hours, calls will be routed to Westpark Communications who collects Information which is emailed to the sales team.

Security: A Community Watch Line allows residents to report incidents to the builder. Notify Builder of Security Calls

Reduce Cost and Control Budgets allows builders sales and service to focus on their core duties and take better care of builder’s customers by providing a professional corporate Image. Callers are 30% more likely to stay on the line when talking to a live operator than they are at leaving a message.


So How Can I Get My Messages?

  • Live Telephone Relay
  • Text To Cell
  • Email/Blackberry
  • Pager (Alpha and Digital)
  • Fax

Westpark will make your Radio Ad Count
Often referred to as the “back end”, what happens (or doesn’t happen) after the call arrives at the call center has an enormous impact on campaign profitability.

Case Study – Problem

  • Abandoned Call Rate 33%
  • Calls not followed-up 33%


  • Calls routed to Westpark
  • Agent passes community information to caller
  • Caller contact information passed to builder’s sales staff by email for referral
  • Westpark contacts caller again when community opens for sales
  • Calls handled 100%

From the CEO…

Westpark is an extension of our clients’ businesses. When our clients are with customers or out in the field, we are their support staff for incoming calls. Our agents also assist clients in outbound communications, responding to inquiries, making follow-up calls, providing notifications or performing surveys.