Founded in 1968, Westpark Communications, L.P.(Westpark), a certified MWBE, has been a trusted resource serving a wide variety of organizations with a mission of outstanding personal service and a history built on long-term client relationships. We provide service locally, regionally and nationally.

Westpark is based in Houston, Texas, with a call center and primary administrative facility located in the Northwest region of the city. The call center is a 13,000 square-foot facility with offices for our Operations, Customer Service, Quality Assurance, Technical, Sales and Administrative Departments, as well as the Westpark Training Center. All of our departments have their specific areas of responsibility and work closely together to provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction for our clients. Westpark has become a major player on the national scene, serving Fortune 100 corporations and meeting the needs of organizations with interests around the globe.

Westpark began operations in 1968 as a family-run business offering telephone answering services for customers in the Houston metropolitan area. Westpark rapidly gained a loyal base of customers by delivering on a simple promise – professional, highly personalized service. Over the years, the company has grown both organically and through acquisitions having completed ten during the period 1983 to 2006. In 1992, Kathie Edwards joined the firm to assist in operations management. She purchased the company in 2007.

The company is an active member of industry trade associations on the local, state and national levels. Sourcing and trade relationships are continually strengthened and cultivated.

Westpark continues to make substantial investments in people, facilities and technology to remain at the forefront of the industry and accommodate the communications needs of any organization. Productivity was emphasized, resulting in numerous laborsaving applications and equipment purchases. The Company’s workforce scheduling software uses statistical call volume data to help create the optimum schedule for the Customer Service Representatives, matching scheduled personnel to expected call volumes. A new voicemail platform has been installed giving clients expanded access to their message notification options. Westpark rolled out new messaging software in early 2007. The new software is script-prompted for the Customer Service Representatives, removing the potential for human error from the message delivery process. Protocols for message notification and delivery are programmed into the system. The system automatically performs notification procedures, such as paging and direct calling as soon as a message meeting “emergency” criteria is logged. Whenever message delivery is unsuccessful through pre-programmed procedures, the message is automatically displayed to the Customer Service Representative for action in a timely and efficient manner.

The Company has upgraded to more sophisticated and advanced telephony equipment and software to keep up with demands of its clients and deliver the level of customer service they have come to expect. Through the incorporation of different technologies and platforms, Westpark can seamlessly interface the call center system with customers’ computers or databases in real time. Utilizing a customer’s current web sites, or by developing a custom application, Westpark will simultaneously answer calls, access systems and update data in real time. Inbound calls and E-mail, follow up calls and data entry are integrated in a single solution to increase customer’s efficiency and bottom line.

Since 1968, Westpark Communications, Inc., has been a trusted resource serving a wide variety of organizations. Our mission is to be worldwide experts in the flow of communications between our partners and their customers.  We provide the best people, best processes, and best technology resulting in successful experiences.  We perform our mission with outstanding personal service, and a history built on long-term client relationships.

Whether you operate locally, regionally or nationally, you can count on Westpark for all the right answers.

Westpark is based in Houston, Texas, with a contact center and primary administrative facility located at:
20475 SH 249, Suite 100
Houston, Texas 77070

Expand your business. Take better care of customers.  Promote a more professional corporate image.  Reduce costs.  Improve internal communication.

If results like these are more than you’d expect from an answering service, it’s time to consider a company that truly is much more than an answering service – Westpark Communications.

Westpark is your communications partner – whether you’re a Fortune 100 corporation or a solo Web entrepreneur. We’re the link that keeps your office accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We’re the dispatcher who relays urgent messages or expedites service calls. We’re the extra staff that makes sure you never miss a contact during peak workloads. We’re the call center that takes orders, accepts reservations or refers callers to your branch locations. And so much more.


  • Advanced automated infrastructure
  • Extensively trained, highly experienced telephone service representatives
  • Dedicated, 24-hour customer service hot-line
  • Rigorous call monitoring and quality assurance
  • Complete call documentation with digital audio records

Hi-Tech – With the Human Touch

Westpark has invested in the most advanced automated infrastructure to support live response – not to replace it. Because technology is essential. But it isn’t a complete solution.

Your calls are answered by a helpful, experienced Westpark telephone service representative instead of an auto-attendant system. Average response time? Less than two rings. The tone? Prompt, courteous, responsive. The greeting given and information collected? All according to your predetermined instructions. For callers, it’s the same professional treatment they’d experience with your own employees.

Providing the “human touch” takes highly skilled telephone service representatives. That’s why Westpark conducts rigorous testing and screening before accepting new personnel. Extensive training follows, including client-specific instruction, before a representative can begin taking calls.

Another Westpark advantage is consistency. Our representatives are at the top of the industry in length of service.

Westpark Communications is a Federal-registered and Texas-registered Women-Owned Business.

We are active members of:

ATSI  – Association of TeleServices International

PIN – Professional Inbound Network