Radio, TV or Direct Mail will need calls answered Westpark will make your Radio, TV or Mail Ad Campaign Count

Often referred to as the “back end”, what happens (or doesn’t happen) after the call arrives at the call center has an enormous impact on campaign profitability.

For shoppers we collect information from potential clients to create shoppers database and forward the databases directly to the website of the marketer.


Our agents are proficient and trained for web entry with extensive and ongoing training. Average tenure is over three years.


New Call-to-action

  • Expand Sales Opportunities
  • Reduce Cost and Control Budgets (allows you to focus on your core business)
  • Take Better Care of Customers (trained professionals in servicing all types of customers)
  • Professional Corporate Image
  • Improve Internal Operations
  • Customer care services FAQ’s for potential clients
  • Back-Up procedures when web is down
  • PInnacle based order entry system

Key Items:

  • Avoid Capitol Cost (Equipment, Workspace)
  • Staffing Requirements (Hiring, Training, Benefits and Turn Over)
  • Ease of Ramp up During Increased Demand
  • Flexibility (increase and decrease with demand)