A strong customer service center can be the difference between securing a sale and frustrating a lot of potential clients. It’s no secret that a lot of companies maintain poor communications over the phone. Everyone has had at least one bad experience over the phone, and that should be a major concern for companies, because people remember those experiences. All it takes is one terrible interaction with a business, and the customer will likely find an alternative to meet their needs. Companies often underestimate how perceptive people are when calling in as well, and rest assured that if the business treats its communications like a secondary priority, it will be noticed.

How can an established customer service center strengthen a company’s communications?

Too many businesses rely on outsourced representatives to manage their communications, and this is almost always a bad idea. Outsourcing is generally met with negativity by the average American, and when they are addressed by a representative in another country, it immediately makes the company appear cheap and obsessed with their bottom line. That’s not something a potential client wants to deal with, and it sets up the rest of the call in a negative way, even if nothing goes wrong. And things often go wrong with an outsourced representative, as communication may be difficult if the representative’s English isn’t up to par, or the representative is held to a strict script.

Companies should consider every call a potential sale or opportunity to win a person back for repeat business. That means providing excellent communications, something an experienced customer service center can help with.

A reputable communications partner operates every hour of the day, every day of the week. In general, people hang up when they hear a voicemail message, and they may not call back. With representatives available around the clock, there is no possibility of missing a sale due to the time of day, even if a potential client contacts the company in the middle of the night.

The foundation of excellent communication is consistent communication, so a customer service center will establish a standardized method for the business, and ensure every caller gets the same high degree of help. The business can provide input in this area, and request that representatives use certain reference materials or documentation provided by the company to answer any questions. A communications partner can also redirect calls to company personnel, screen potential clients for things like product trials, take messages and appointments, retrieve client information, and perform a number of other duties. If necessary, a communications partner can even build improved databases for the company to help organize essential data and provide an intuitive backend for the business’s employees.

The benefits of improved communications are numerous and impactful. And not just for any potential clients that call into the business. They are also useful for keeping company personnel organized and focused on other aspects of their job.