Exact call center rates depend on a number of factors, and they can vary greatly from one communications partner to the next. In general, though, a company can save a lot of money by outsourcing their contact needs to an expert in the field. This is especially true if a business requires representatives that are technically strong, or experienced in a professional area like law or medical. In-house representatives tend to be an inefficient solution for companies and cannot provide the same level of service that a communications partner can. In short, this makes an outsourced contact solution much more cost-effective.

What determines call center rates?

A major factor in projecting cost is what a client wants the representative to do. Businesses that require their representatives to offer technical support, or advanced support for law or medical clients will need the best service they can get. In general, this will cost more per call, but the tradeoff is worth it, as it means an instant improvement in customer service. Companies that need more general assistance, like messaging, appointment setting, and order processing can find an economical solution to their communications rather easily.

Some communications partners charge per call, while others charge per minute. It’s possible for a company to find an excellent deal by taking advantage of which arrangement fits their operations best. For example, if a company knows its customers will only need basic assistance when on the phone, it may make sense to go with a per-minute option.

The scale of a company’s operations will also affect call center rates, as some businesses need more representatives than others. A small business may only need one or two representatives, while a major law firm or hospital will likely require many more.

How are communications partners more affordable than in-house staff?

In most cases, when a company brings in a customer service agent, the company has to take on 100 percent of the expense. That means the company has to pay for the employee’s training, their breaks, their downtime, and for the work itself. Most businesses don’t have the resources or inclination to maximize their representatives’ efficiency, so there is a lot of money wasted.

A communications partner knows exactly how to organize its staff to get the most out of every representative, which means minimal downtime. This is an immediate savings, and there’s more. Most call center rates are configured so that representative training and downtime is not the client’s responsibility. This often means an additional savings of around 15 percent or more.

Finally, a company can save a great deal of money when new technology comes available. Companies don’t have to pay to upgrade their phones or communications infrastructure, so a business can reap all the benefits of improved technology without any of the risk.

The choice is clear – if a company wants excellent communications without stressing the budget, a dedicated communications partner is a powerful ally.