An American based call center provides something that many other communications services cannot – peace of mind. The truth is, it is frustrating for a customer to contact a business, only to struggle with understanding the person on the other end. It can mean a lot for a customer who is frustrated or looking for a service to hear a familiar voice and dialect, and it will speed up the process greatly. This last point is of particular interest to a company that wants to maximize its efficiency. But most importantly, it’s just plain frustrating for a customer to deal with a business that outsources its communications to another country. It says a lot about how that business feels about customer service, and none of it is good.

Why should a company stick to an American call center for their communications?

Overseas customer service representatives may speak decent English, but over the phone, where verbal communication is the only exchange, decent is not good enough. It’s annoying for customers to repeat themselves and be misunderstood. And overseas reps typically have to stick to a basic script that they cannot deviate from, which can be a major issue for companies that offer complex services. Customers know when they are hearing canned responses, and if that’s all a representative can offer, what does that say about the company’s commitment to its clientele?

Also, if a representative has trouble understanding an in-depth conversation, they won’t be able to answer every question and will often leave potential customers confused or feeling like they could get better service elsewhere.

An American call center staffs representatives that can communicate clearly, quickly and deeply, so if a customer has several questions that aren’t on script, there is no dip in service. In the modern business world, where it seems companies are always looking to cut corners on customer service, a positive experience over the phone can make a customer for life.

This can’t be overestimated. According to a survey published by Bain & Company, 80 percent of businesses claim they offer excellent customer service. However, among that 80 percent, customers only agree with eight percent of them. In other words, businesses often underestimate how perceptive customers are about the service they receive. When someone contacts a business and is outsourced to another country, it says two things. One, the company cares so little about satisfying customers that it is willing to save money at their expense. And two, the business is so focused on saving money that it can’t even communicate effectively to its customers. Neither one leaves a good impression of the business.

More and more companies are realizing that they can no longer afford to go without an American call center. Most industries are so competitive that businesses can’t take the hit in customer satisfaction or confidence. So don’t take the risk and choose a communications partner that can effectively represent your business.