A real estate answering service is a must for busy professionals, and provides an extra layer of communication that can earn additional business and keep clients happy. A realtor firm is filled with people who are constantly shifting roles, from consulting with clients, to showing properties, to handling paperwork and updating listings. It’s a demanding job, and it can be extremely difficult to manage if a professional has to pick up the phone constantly. That’s where a communications partner can provide a valuable link in the firm’s operations. With a qualified crew of phone representatives, a firm can dedicate their resources to other aspects of the business, allowing the firm to manage more clients and more properties.

What can a real estate answering service do for a firm?

A communications partner serves as the initial point of contact for the firm’s clients, and prospective clients. These phone representatives can perform a number of tasks for the firm, including setting appointments for property showings and client consultations, answering questions about different listings, and taking messages for members of the firm. A communications partner can pass along messages through various means, including texts and emails, for those professionals that are never at their desk.

Interfacing with existing and potential clients is an effort-intensive job, so a real estate answering service is there 24/7, every day of the year, including holidays, to pick up the phone. A communications partner can field many calls at once as well, so no client will ever be missed. Just having someone there around the clock means never missing a potential client. A firm trades heavily on their reputation, and a communications partner strengthens it with responsive customer handling.

But a communications partner can do more than just pick up the phone. In addition to interfacing with clients, a firm may have its hands full keeping their appointments and client records organized. This can zap the firm’s productivity and result in missed client meetings, both of which will damage the firm’s reputation. A real estate answering service can help build a backend system for the firm, which will keep track of the firm’s appointments and other important information. If the firm already has a system in place, the communications partner can adapt its processes to the system, forwarding appointments and messages using existing means.

A communications partner will also adapt its processes to the firm’s needs. If that means asking certain questions when screening a client, a phone representative can do that. If that means sticking to a certain script, a communications partner can do that as well. The important point is that a communications partner offers a tailored solution to their clients, shoring up problem areas and allowing the firm to allocate its resources optimally.