As a business matures and its needs change, it might find that to reach its potential, the company has to shore up its communications, and professional answering services can make that possible. Even a small, individually run ecommerce site can benefit from trained customer representatives, and large businesses can greatly improve their operations with an effective communications partner. That’s because a communications partner does more than just pick up the phone. They provide a full suite of services to the customer, ensuring the company only has to dedicate minimal resources to handling calls.

What exactly do professional answering services do?

 The quick answer is – anything the company requires from its phone representatives. Perhaps a business only needs a representative or two to direct calls to various departments or personnel. A communications partner can perform basic receptionist tasks if need be. Maybe a company needs a lot more, though, including setting appointments, processing orders, and explaining product details. For example, an insurance provider will need its phone representatives to have deep knowledge of the company’s policies and their requirements.

A communications partner can assist with all of that. Professional answering services are staffed by representatives trained to the company’s needs, so each representative will act like a full team member. Each representative will have all of the knowledge needed to respond intelligently to questions and requests. So, instead of a single receptionist, the company will have a team of receptionists on standby.

But why should a company go with a communications partner instead of the traditional receptionist option? The problem with in-house representatives is that they are only around during standard business hours, need days off, and aren’t typically available to work holidays. They get sick, take days off on short notice, and have to be managed and trained by other personnel. For some companies, these are issues that can be worked around, but it is a major hassle. Even a talented, reliable receptionist will only be at the desk for 8-9 hours a day, and can only field a single call at once. It’s not the most optimal solution.

Professional answering services are designed for businesses that want to remain available at all times. A communications partner will always have a representative ready to pick up the phone, no matter what time of the day a customer calls, and no matter what day they call. No longer will a business miss out on a sale because the customer was a few time zones over. And a communications partner can handle many calls simultaneously, so no longer will customers linger on hold, only to get frustrated and call elsewhere.

A communications partner offers an immediate improvement in customer support, and with options like order processing and appointment setting, a communications partner can truly streamline a company’s operations.